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    Post Website creation checklist

    SEO, Responsive Design, UX, Conversion Rates, these subjects are much to often considered separately and should all be integrated into one another to create good user and search engine friendly websites.

    In the following post i'll try to make a check list of what's need to be defined, think and done to obtain a good website for these 4 major points. This is a first draft and i will edit it later on to make it clearer.

    To be answered.
    1. Who am I and what makes me different
    2. What do I want to use my website for
    3. What is my market and where is it located

    Competition analyses

    1. Who are my competitors
    2. How do they communicate
    3. What is there website goals
    4. How do they lead there visitors to conversion

    Website architecture

    1. What pages do i need to create on my website and how do I group them
    2. Should i add landing pages (if yes why)
    3. Should i add a blog (if yes, will i be able to share quality content)
    4. Should i use only one language

    Website content

    1. Write all the content I want to share (services, presentation, etc…)
    2. Have non experts read my content to see if they understands what i’m trying to say
    3. Rewrite your content taking into account their reflexions
    4. Create elaborated forms for each purpose


    If your are good at coding, write your pages code

    If you are not:
    1. Choose a CMS and install it with robots.txt blocking access to your site
    2. Select a template or theme checking it’s loading speed and if it is responsice
    3. Add my contents
    4. Add my meta data
    5. Add my images and optimise them
    6. Check my website code for on page optimization
      • correct use of code in <head>
      • correct use of H tags
      • etc...
    7. Create my call to action buttons

    Double check everything
    1. Test your links
    2. Review your content for error
    3. Have potential customers test your website and give feedback
    4. If necessary make the appropriate changes

    1. Create a sitemap
    2. Check if any file size can be reduced
    3. Check if the site is not loading necessary resources
    4. Activate cache and CDN if you have one
    5. Redirect non-www to www
    6. Allow your site to be crawled by spiders and bots using robots.txt

    1. Add Analytics tag
    2. Configure Analytics Goals
    3. Declare your site in webmaster tools (bing tools, etc…)

    Make yourself social
    1. Create and animate the necessary Social networks (Facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram, linked, etc…)
    2. Create a Google business page
    3. Link these accounts to your site and your site to these accounts

    Start building links
    1. Submit your site to local directories (choose them very wisely, it’s not the number that counts but the quality)
    2. Submit your site to DMOZ
    3. Find partners (product demo, and reach out for bloggers)
    4. Find authority domain links

    Analyze results
    1. One the site as lived a little get into your analytics and start looking at goals patterns why people leave your site, why they abandon purchase process, why they stop filling a form, etc…
    2. Write a to do list with all things that should be tested
    3. Start modifying your website or start doing A/B testing
    4. Check results again
    5. Start A/B testing
    6. etc..

    Feel free to be constructive in the comments below, it's ok if you do not share the same vision but please remember that it took me some time and that I will be following this thread to make it better.
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    Make your site scannable and indexable with robots.txt
    Not sure this one is clear enough... How can one make sure their site is scannable using robots.txt

    Create a Google business page
    Why is it under social? Do you mean Google Plus? Then all other business pages need to be included (Facebook page, Linkedin page, etc)

    Submit your site to DMOZ
    I wouldn't bother focusing on this one...
    Overall, link building should probably include blogger outreach, authority building, etc.

    Overall, I think this to-do list should be expanded on all levels... But then again, I wouldn't dare create one list for all-things-Internet-marketing because I'd never be done with it

    Comments on this post

    • Pierre Benneton agrees : Thanks for the comment
    Everything will be ok in the end

    If it's not ok, it's not the end
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    Originally Posted by Ann Smarty
    I wouldn't bother focusing on this one...(DMOZ)
    I'm still a big fan of DMOZ and i've seen quite a big change for certain small business websites once they have been accepted in DMOZ listings even if it's not what will make an big e-commerce site rank on competitive keywords, it's always good to have and it takes only seconds.

    For the social part, when I talk about Facebook, twitter, etc, I speak about business pages, that was clear in my mind but rereading after your post, I definitely see i need to change my wording. Regarding Google business page and Google plus, the limit between the two is always finer, so i consider Google business listing as a social link because it generates a google plus url.

    Overall, I think this to-do list should be expanded on all levels...
    Totally agree with you, I will take time to add content to every point in this list as soon as possible. Trying to list things out is some kind of a challenge for me. I know this post will never totally complete, but I hop to make it a full with info as possible.
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    Strategic SEO Decisions to Make Before Website Design and Build

    Pierre, I got a similar referral at Strategic SEO Decisions to Make Before Website Design and Build.That will add more value
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    Some additions:
    - Run your site through the W3 HTML Validator
    - Do a Google Pagespeed check to see if you can improve your speed
    - Add schema.org tags where applicable

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