(There is another post that I read last night that directly relates to this - though for the life of me I cannot find it)
If someone knows what I'm talking about fill me in - as I hate reposts.

Here's a simple script that I wrote called rtSpiderAlert.

rtSpiderAlert is a simple php script that gets included on any page, in which you would like to be notified when a spider crawls it. In the past I have found that checking the logs everyday became tiresome - when all I ended up looking for was my spider traffic. Once you know when the spiders visit you can determine the frequency at which they do, and predict future visits. Also you can include the script on brand new pages to know when the spiders have crawled your latest content.
I hope it saves everyone time.

Visit the siteto see instructions and to download. Also if you have more spider names let me know. Feedback and hatemail is always welcome

search engine spider alerting system script