been lurking forever, but thought id start and use my first post to let anyone, if they want it, to have a look at the program im writing. its a program that will benefit an seo - it checks web pages for seo related stuff.

basically, you enter a url (or local page) and the prog breaks down the page, showing the header, body, text on page, links, h1 tags and images on the page.

its useful for me, as an SEO, to see for example, why a site is highly listed on the engines - i just put the url in and the prog shows the info straight away. it may be useful to some - definately useful for me as an seo.

the prog is only a few days old, and i would like some feedback from you about what kind of features would be good to add.

please dont send feedback about prog errors etc if there are any - i will sort that out in time - im basically interested in seeing how the prog can be improved feature-wise.

and its a free prog that seo's can use straight away - im surprised how im using it myself - if i get a client on the fone, or via email etc, the first thing i do is stick their url in this prog and it gives me a good instant indication of how the site can be seo'd.

enjoy and criticise please remember that its in early stages and so doesnt look beautiful yet - that will come.


James Welch