Hi there.

This URL is a feed URL, rather than a page in its own right. It delivers 404 errors as Google and others cannot read it.

How can I stop 404's from appearing in search console and other platforms?

I thought about adding a no-follow tag, but I am unsure if this will stop the error.

The CMS uses an iframe (in one CMS) which takes a snippet from the blog (wordpress) and shows it on the page in an iFrame.

The feed is on a product page so there's quite a few 404's.

Here is the code with the div it is in.

<div class="holder_blog">
<h2 class="blog" style="margin:0; padding:0;">PHUNKY'S DAYS</h2>

<iframe scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="padding:0; margin:0;" src="https://www.phunky.com/blog/export.php" width="320" height="320"></iframe>