I'm working on two sites and am having similar issues... for both, the redirect function is working fine for the www to non-www and vice versa. I'm having the following issues though:

1. I installed Cloudflare on example1.com. Prior to this, feeds.example1.com/example_feed was properly configured with feedburner. Now with Cloudflare installed, they aren't registering feeds.example1.com. I have deleted the CNAME record and have tried redirecting feeds.example1.com to feeds.feedburner.com/example_feed but the redirection isn't working. Can someone please provide me with code that would work?

2. On example2.com we run Wordpress and I have the redirection plugin installed because we updated the URL structure to be more SEO friendly. We used to have a blog at subdomain.example2.com and I just want a simple redirect to example2.com/blog. I'm having trouble redirecting...anyone have a code that would work for this?

Thanks in advance for help.