My website sells products from several companies, and each company has its own subfolder (which is used as a storefront). A customer can buy a product from us, or directly from the company which supplies the product.
Ex.: A customer can go to "" to check and maybe buy the product "from us". But then he can also buy the same product by going to company A's subfolder and buy the same product at ""
And here lies the duplicate content problem. We have two different URL's with the same content. I'm trying to figure out how to solve this problem. We still have to supply some sort of space to the companies, so maybe I should dwelve into subdomains, and do ""?
Keep in mind that the content from th subdomains will still be the same, but at least it won't be in subfolders from the main site. I'm fearful that google think that due to not being too many difference between the main domains and the subdomains, and just consider the subdomains to be extensions/part of the main site.
I'm glad for any help given.