I had a company change the mark up for my site a couple of years ago, as the code was a mess and built in tables and was not browser compatible.

I wanted the site to be rebuilt in tableless xhtml/css to strict validation as I was learning xhtml that was what code I wanted the site in, so I could be in full control of my site.

I have now found after doing work and learning itís been built in php and then rendered via a rewrite rule in the .htaccess file as xhtml.

The problems are I cant use php and I happy using xhtml (they did a great job on the rebuilt they really did but the files are php), so I have asked for the site to be changed and put in xhtml they said that the best solution would be to change the site to html5.

But i donít think this is a good idea for me as after read on the net I see that a lot of the code I know in xhtml is not valid in html5 and also as ie6 / ie7 / and ie 8 do not support html5 and I need the site to be able to be seen in these browsers.

I would end up coding the pages in the code I know xhtml and it would not be valid html5 and probably cause browser issues and also hacks might be needed to get the pages looking good in ie6 / ie7 / ie8 /and I am not able to do this.

I am still learning so is what I have said correct and are they valid points?

And any other thoughts on the above will be very much appreciated.

P.S still happy with the company as they have done the site this way to high standards, but not what i wanted.