Hi Guys,

I am a SEO guy and do not have enough knowledge about web development and coding. So i need your help on the below mentioned problem.

Actually, I was just setting up a 301 redirection (in .htaccess file through cPanel) on 1 url on my site and found below error message while saving the file:

"you may be over quota: Bad file descriptor"

I did some Googled about this error and found some reasons/suggestions like: my disk is full, upgrading the existing hosting plan, remove some unnecessary files from

the root and free some space, deactivate the plugins etc.

Thereafter, I removed the newly added line and save the file (old existing file) but still i am getting the same error message. Why I am getting this message if i did

not add any extra word in the already existing files?.

I am just adding half line in the .htaccess file for 301 redirection and found this error message. Can adding a half line can also create this error?

Can I solve this issue in any other way (except the mentioned reasons/suggestions)?

What is the best way to solve this issue?

Do I need to follow the mentioned Reasons/Solutions only?

I need your help.

Frameworks: PHP
Web Server: Apache
Document Information: HTML5

waiting for your response.


Gajender Singh

gajender.singh999 (dot) gmail (dot) com