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    Directory Script


    I'd like to add a new directory script to my website. Does anyone know of any script that offers the following?

    1. Ability to add unlimited categories and their subs.

    2. Ability to custormize header and footer.

    3. Ability to sell sponsor text ads at a monthly or weekly fee.

    4. Ability to offer affiliates.

    5. Ability to add pictures/graphics.

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  3. Mr. Goober Guy ;)
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    Do a search for Link Management Assistant. It allows pictures of your link partner sites, page rank displayed...god so many features I can't even tick them off. You can modify the template to fit virtually any site theme and its free. It is by far the best free link manager program out today.

    Here are just some of the features:

    Directory Preview The first thing you will notice when
    you login to the admin area is a new "View Your Directory Here"
    link. Clicking this link will take you to the home page of your
    mini website directory in a new window. This was a simple
    convenience addition to help you jump to the front end of your
    niche website directory faster.

    The Following Features Are Applicable to The General Settings
    Section Of The Admin Area...

    New Submissions Premium BUT Only If Reciprocated - This
    is the additional check box you see added next to the existing
    "New Submissions Premium" option. It assumes that reciprocal
    linking is not a requirement for inclusion in your niche website
    directory. Any website that does not reciprocate a link receives
    a normal listing, but those that do (and the link checker
    silently checks during submission) receive premium status. This
    is a nice addition if you are using LMA to run a normal website
    directory but want to automatically favour websites that do link
    back by making them premium listings.

    Premium Listing Image Checking this box will display a
    little image next to the listing titles of all premium listings.
    There is a new image file called premium.gif which is a little
    yellow star. You can use this or overwrite it with any other
    image you like. Simply create whatever image you want to
    represent your premium listings, call it premium.gif and upload
    it to the LMA directory overwriting the existing.

    Favour Premium In Search - Checking this box will favour
    premium listings in the search results when a website directory
    user conducts a specific search. This is yet another benefit you
    can assign to premium listings to give them greater exposure
    throughout your website directory. Example: A user conducts a
    search for "green apples" in your directory which returns 5 pages
    of results. A premium listing might occur on page 3 of those
    results because the normal listings before it are more relevant
    to that specific search term. This option will force that premium
    listing (and any other premium listings also occurring in the
    natural search result set) to the top of that specific set of
    search results, regardless of whether they are slightly less
    relevant. Of course, this only applies where a premium listing/s
    would naturally occur in the search result set anyway. That is,
    it will not impact search results where no premium listings are
    returned as relevant.

    Sub-Cats With Main Cats & How Many Checking this box will
    display sub-categories with your main categories where the
    "<%main-categories%>" tag is used in your templates. You can also
    specify how many sub-categories you would like to display
    underneath the main categories. This allows you to create a home
    page more like the old school Yahoo style and other big website
    directories. It will also help search engine spiders to crawl
    deeper down into your niche website directory.

    ThumbShot With Listing Checking this feature will add a
    "thumbshot" screen capture of the listings home page, where
    available, next to the directory listing. This is driven via the service and by using this feature you and you
    alone are responsible for abiding by their terms of service. The
    default setting is to not display thumbshots with listings. If
    you would like to display thumbshots for all listings, then
    select "All Listings" from the respective drop down menu. If you
    would only like to display them with listings who are reciprocating
    your link select "Reciprocal Partners Only". To only display them
    for listings with premium status, select "Premium Listings Only".
    There is also one further option "Premium & Reciprocated
    Listings". This will display thumbshots with listings for both of
    these listing types, but not normal listings. How flexible
    is that ;-)

    Link to DMOZ after DMOZ Import This feature only
    applies if you run a DMOZ import to populate your directory with
    content and would like to link back to DMOZ on a per category
    basis as per their content usage TOS. NOTE: This will only work
    with new DMOZ imports. If you have run previous imports prior to
    updating unfortunately you will have to delete them and re-import
    that content if you would like to use this feature. There is NO
    current way around this.

    The Following Features Are Found Elsewhere Within The Admin Area
    As Described Below...

    DMOZ Import To A Sub-Category You can now import DMOZ
    content and category structures directly underneath an existing
    category from your website directory. You will find a new option
    in the "Directory Import" section that will allow you to select
    an existing category to import under. Everything will then be
    placed directly underneath that category.

    Search Feed Pay-Per-Click Includes You can now
    incorporate Search Feed affiliated search results throughout
    your website directory and earn commission for each click
    through. For example you may like to create a PPC include and
    place that include above standard listings in your category
    templates to earn additional revenue from your website
    directory. You can also replicate a similar approach in your
    search result template. You can create as many of these as you
    like and the PPC includes can be used in all templates much like
    existing "custom includes".

    Additional Includes Some of the most powerful new
    features of LMA are included in this entirely new admin section.
    There are currently three "additional includes" you can create
    and include in your templates as follows...

    1. Random Listings - This include can be used to populate
    random listings from your database into your website directory
    pages. Where used in the templates, a new random listing/s will
    be pulled from the database and will be displayed each time it's
    accessed by a website visitor or search engine robot. This will
    give the appearance that each page on your directory is updated
    regularly and encourage the search engine spiders to visit more
    often. It's also a great way to give each page in your directory
    even more distinctly unique content. You might like to call this
    area "featured listings" or "sites of the moment" etc. You can
    define how many listings you would like to display and have the
    option of forcing only "premium listings" if you choose to do so.

    2. Random Categories - This include can be used to populate
    random category links / locations into your directory pages. This
    is useful to increase cross linking between categories
    encouraging visitors to visit more areas of your directory, and
    the search engine robots to crawl deeper into your directory
    structure. You could call these "related categories" or "popular
    categories" etc. You also have the option to display this include
    vertically (categories displayed one after the other vertically)
    or horizontally across the page giving you flexibility to
    incorporate it into your templates in the most appropriate manner.

    3. Random "Recent" Search Terms - This include can be used
    to populate links to a predefined set of search terms. Those
    search terms will then link directly to the respective page of
    search results, the same as would be seen by a user if they
    actually conducted a physical search using the search feature. It
    will also vary their display randomly on a page by page basis.
    That is you might like to create an area called "recent search
    terms" or "popular search terms" in your directory templates.
    Although not available yet, in the near future this feature will
    be expanded to allow you to display the actual search terms
    directory users are searching on. I know many of you will realize
    how powerful this new feature is to create additional keyword
    rich content pages as spider food.

    URL Validation This new section in the LMA admin area
    allows you to clean your directory listings & remove any dead
    links. These are the listings where the domain name no longer
    exists or returns other "cannot be found" errors. It's a nice
    way to ensure listings within your directory actually point to
    active websites without having to physically check each one. This
    feature was primarily incorporated to help you clean DMOZ imports.
    The normal automated reciprocal link checking features will
    basically do the same job if you're using the Link Management
    Assistant exclusively for managing reciprocal link partners.

    Add Site Submission Form The add site submission form
    now includes fields for people submitting websites to "suggest a
    new category" for their listing and also add "additional
    comments". This information will be delivered to you in your "New
    Directory Submission" admin notification email if the submitter
    decided to fill these fields out when submitting their listing.

    you can go here to download it:

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    Tried giving you rep....

    Anyway, nice script - thanks for the link.
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    Thank you. This is a beautiful thing. You're my hero today.

    I was just attempting to set up my first directory and had no idea how to do it....

    You made my day.

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  9. Mr. Goober Guy ;)
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    I'm blushing...
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    That is php version, anyone has asp version ?
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    You Rock Chaney.

    Will give that a go.
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    How long did it take you to install the script chaney?

    I will buy you a pint if you install if for me when you can be bothered.

    Go on,, i started reading the pdf but i got bored.
    Last edited by mick.sawyer; Apr 29th, 2005 at 08:27 AM. Reason: the big 1000,, this is a big occasion.
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    Originally Posted by gchaney
    Do a search for Link Management Assistant. It allows pictures of your link partner sites, page rank displayed...god so many features I can't even tick them off. You can modify the template to fit virtually any site theme and its free. It is by far the best free link manager program out today. [snipped]
    you can go here to download it:
    I just tried this software and all I have to say is I can't believe it's free. I'm no expert programmer or script guy, I just know the very basics and with hosting companies that feature cpanel it makes creating msql databases a breeze. So I have tinkered with about 4 or 5 links exchange and directory programs all costing between $50 to $120. None of the programs I have worked with so far are as easy to install as this program, or as easy to modify the templates! I too must also give this program high raves! I was able to install it in about 10 minutes. Another 15 minutes to configure the settings. Thats all it took to get it up and running! Of course this does not include the fine tuning involved in modifying the templates to get them to look the way you want.

    There is another program I like that permits submissions to include their own icons or mini banners, you set the dimensions. It is also fairly easy to modify templates. You can try it for free for 15 days and if you like it the license is $120 per domain. This program does not have all the features of the free one, but many of the main features and the cool graphics addition which might make it tempting for some. Installation is also pretty easy. PHP + MySQL search engine friendly URLS (html). There is no community forum, however tech support replies very quickly. this one took about 10-15 minutes to install, but about 30 minutes to get every thing configerd.

    No I am not affiliated with either, just sharing! Both of these programs were quick and easy to install using cpanel for Mysql.
    All you do for both is upload the files as they are to your server, change some permissions, and run the install script!
    You do need to create a Msql datatbase before the install. If your host features cpanel, it's child's play! Requirements: basic html knowledge, know how to ftp and change permissions, very basic MySQL, be able to work with php files, I use Dreamweaver and most of these scripts includes a lot of php codes mixed with html. For templates I simply copy and paste the whole page to a new blank html page for modifications. Always back up originals. You have to work in code view on php pages in dreamweaver for most pages. The free program is even easier as their templates are already html instead of php or some other kind of script. If I can do it, almost any one can!

    I would definitely look at these two programs! The free one really is feature packed and user friendly! The Commercial one is worth the bucks IMHO. The others I've tried were either dogs or difficult to work with!

    Last edited by Bud Wiser; May 1st, 2005 at 01:07 AM.
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    Nice Script any Alternatives?

    Any Alternatives to this?

    How does the directory import feature work? Would I connect directly to Dmoz, or would I be connecting through him?

    The Script works nice, I just downloaded it. However, I am looking for a solution that I don't have to link to anyone?

    I allready have the full Dmoz dump parsed and cleaned locally and I'd like to use my own data I guess. So what free/non recip-link directory script do you all reccomend?

    Is there a site out there that lists the DMOZ directories with cat ID's? So I could actually find the data I need?
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  21. Go OSU Beavers!
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    This is great! I was looking for the same thing! Thanks guys...

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    Very nice gchaney. Looking forward to tinkering with it.
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    Try playing with the biz directory script. It's good. (
    Web Site Promotion India - Web Site Design India - Buy SiteWideLinks : $9.99 Links - PM Me if you need - Call 1.877.822.0875 for all kinds of Web Design, SEO - Link Building - Directory Submission Services.
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    sounds like a great script.. I'll take a look and give it a try.
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    15 looks like the best one out there for price... $50 not bad.
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