Hey guys, I know that this probably should be posted in other forums as its not really seo. But is a little bit too.

I am creating my own cms for a client and they want to be able to add additional products each with their own page and also to add categories.

Basically I was wondering if anyone knew how the cms's such as wordpress achieved this. the way i was thinking of tackling it is too build the site and to use dynamic pages to access the data from a database depending on what is called.

I have two concerns with this, how would i then convert the dynamic addresses to seo and user friendly ones with the correct product names?

And also how would i go about creating new categories? or should this all be included within the query and then processed.

I dont want a full answer on here, as i want to learn how to do it myself, however when i have been trying to search on google for things like "create new page on custom cms" etc etc all i get is guides for Joomla Wordpress etc.

If anyone could tell me how those CMS's solve this problem / point me in the right direction of more info id be grateful. The only cms's ive designed so far have been more basic (allowing adding photos and descriptions etc, but still on same page).