Good day,

I am trying to integrate my batch file into a basic web based form in HTML. Now, my page is not server side, does not use php, just plain html. First, I am wondering if the command prompt within Windows can be opened and run a small script within HTML forms?

If its possible, I am trying to integrate my current batch file which has the following code:

@echo off
grep --mmap -w %1 d:\int\* |sort /+20 >
"c:\program files\windows nt\accessories\wordpad.exe"
In big, this is a script that searches information inputted ( %1 ) within specified files and then prompts the information found in WordPad and then deletes the temp file when you close the WordPad window.

If the above is possible to insert within an HTML form either with JavaScript’s or other non-server side scripting, I would be interested to learn.

Thank you for your help towards this problem.