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    Thank You Everyone

    I just want to say, a massive thank you to everybody on these forums.

    Doubt many will read the full post but it'll be nice to have a bit of a ramble.

    I originally joined the forums to get some help with Screaming Frog (Screaming Frog making my head hurt), and whilst I was able to get support from them, I got a friendly reply from Mark, I think I was just browsing through and kept just replying to people whilst waiting for a reply, from that time on I just seemed to not leave. I must've spent days of my life just browsing these forums.

    I'd never ventured into understanding links, so when I got really indepth replies from Fathom, I really relished them. Link Equity Questions
    Losing link juice via redirect?

    I have some brilliant memories of discussions, one of my favourites being: How much emphasis do you put on Site Speed?

    I can honestly say, my life would be different than it is now without these forums. SEO Chat really has changed my day to day life.

    I have spent time speaking to a lot of the regulars, in particular I spent a lot of time messaging Chedders, in February 2016 after only messaging on skype for a couple of weeks, the day of my Grandads funeral, the way back to where I live was through where Chedders lives, so he said I could pop over on the way back, and for some reason I did. I am so glad that I did.

    Since that day, I think i've messaged him daily, speaking about theories and just generally getting to know the guy.

    We somehow managed to get working together on a project (https://zebo.co.uk) as a test, which with the help of Ann and Mark, we managed to post the launch of this site, and what we wanted to test and prove. Whilst we haven't published any of the tests, (there will be some soon!).

    We've now launched Overwork (https://overwork.co.uk) and have recently bought five new websites, where we've manged to double what they're earning daily and will be running tests on these too.

    I believe that the link we got from SEO Chat really helped kick this off. I will forever be grateful for Mark, Ann and the whole of the forums, because without all of you, I wouldn't be working on this project with Chedders, I wouldn't have met a lot of you wonderful people and I'd have an awful lot less knowledge.

    I hope everyone is able to get some great experiences out of this forum, and I will try my best to help anybody who needs it.
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    This was really uplifting to read

    The users here, those who've been here for 5+ years and those who've been here for just 6 months, are the best part of the forums. I always like seeing new people come in, make a bunch of new posts, and get involved in discussions. We meet some really interesting and thoughtful people that way.

    I'm looking forward to more posts about the Zebo experiments (The Zebo Chronicles? Coming to a theater near you this summer?) and generally cool discussions in the future! I think we all gain something new from that - there are a lot of discussions about duplicate content on here for which Zebo has proven to be a very interesting example.

    Also, that site speed thread you mentioned is a really great one - I should put it on our "Great Threads" list if it isn't there yet!

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