So I found this one while surfing Reddit recently and thought it was pretty interesting/funny. American insurance company Esurance used to have a mascot...and the reason they don't anymore is because the Internet made too much pr0n of her.

This was back in 2004. Erin Esurance was her name. They designed her to target the male 18 - 24 year old market. And the campaign, apparently, did really well. But nude art of her hit the Internet "within 24 hours of the cartoon's television commercial debut," and eventually the dirty stuff began outranking official Esurance depictions of Erin in Google image searches.

In 2010 the campaign was ended. What a bizarre tale.

I guess, in a weird way, the mascot still does advertising for Esurance. Artists are still doodling her and even selling pictures and such. It's just in a way that Esurance would clearly like to keep unofficial.

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In a strange way, Brewe [the creator of the character] sees Erin Esurance’s foray into the adult art world as part of a positive feedback loop: “As a brand manager, you’re kind of content when weird things happen,” she admits. “We thought, ‘Wow, we’re making a crazy impact on culture if we’re being embraced by different people,” corroborates Alan Lau, one of her animators. “It was an acknowledgement of our artwork.”