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    SeoChat Top Spambuster Award

    Recently I received a PM from my friend - and current holder of the Top Spambuster Award new_seo.

    It seems he has recently received some PM's and verbal abuse because of his Top Spambuster Status.

    In response to this he asked me to investigate the possibility of removing the Top Spambuster icon... (which struck me as a little sad).

    When I asked the forum owner about this his response was "its a great honor to have that award and we greatly appreciate his help. As far as removing the icon its all scripted/automated so not really a way to do that"

    I agree with his sentiments... and I would add that almost every active member of SeoChat makes regular reports of spam posts... he just gets the award because he makes more of them!

    So I added this post to the relevant forum rules thread.
    It is a little laughable really (thanks for pointing that out fathom ) but as Jon said - we really do appreciate the help with this aspect of forum moderation - it's a great benefit to all members and forum guests (except the spammers)!
    I just figured that new_seo (and all spam reporters) deserve our thanks and support.

    The offenders mentioned above have been banned already and I just wanted to give fair warning to others that this type of behaviour is innapropriate and will not be tolerated.

    Be proud of the icon new_seo and thanks for helping out

    <edit>Just an afterthought... Sending a PM to the holder of the top spambuster award and expecting him NOT to pass that on to a forum moderator - is bloody silly </edit>
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    For new_seo:

    Small inferior minds make fun of things they can't have... they use to make fun of Wayne Gretzky... guess who got the last laugh?

    I've had the icon for a few months... you're in good company!

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    • ClickyB agrees
    • SEO_AM agrees : SPAM ALERT... SPAM ALERT... SPAM ALERT!! :( Get's a negative sometimes. So what! We call them as we see them.
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    Originally Posted by fathom
    Small inferior minds make fun of things they can't have... they use to make fun of Wayne Gretzky... guess who got the last laugh?
    At the risk of a ban for racism - you're so Canadian

    My son plays roller hockey (we don't get proper ice in the UK)!
    He has done so since he was 7 (awww) and now at 15 is doing real well.

    My proudest moment (as it should be) was his first proper hockeyfight

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    Spam should not be tolerated

    It is of great honor to have that icon in the forum, it shows we are not tolerating spammers. Spammers are warned. I suggest that if he/she receives PM which in no way relates to any forum topic or he/she is not asking other members to send him/her a PM, this could be treat also as a spam. So PM can be reported as spam if unsolicited.

    I suggest PM can be used if only solicited which means the recipient post a written consent in his/her thread that he/she is willing to accept PM for the sake of privacy.If she/he receives a PM in which he/she do not ask,it is unsolicited and she/he can label it spam. Or in other way,there must be a written agreement as discussed in the thread that the sender will asked permission to the recipient that he/she will send him/her a PM. The recipient should give a reply in writing (at the thread) that she/he is willing to accept a PM.Then the PM is now solicited otherwise unsolicited and can be labeled as spam.

    Having a spambuster icon is good and we need to only modify the rules with regards to private messaging based on my above suggestions.
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    lets give them rep!

    (but i am always out of rep for these guys)
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    yep i agree with all the sentiments expressed above. This is a great forum. Friends and peers that take the time to help out people just for the sake of it and to learn in the process. Spammers trying to make a quick buck by ripping of our memebrs and lurkers should be banned.

    new_seo does us all a service in reporting them. And I would also thank the mods for banning them.

    People that hold that title have my respect and I would guess the respect of most memebrs who love being part of this forum. the rest can go somewhere else as far as I am concerned. The are plenty of crappy seo forums out there that tolerate spammers...
    Live the moment
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    I would only like to add that if you are receiving personal abuse such as new-seo has PLEASE let one of the mods know... we will deal with it.

    Unless reported we can do nothing as of course we do not agree with Bush in interfering with privacy for intelligence purposes - actually not funny but that is a whole 'nother debate lol

    Ps. sorry for the late reply, I have been extremely busy lately, haven't had much time to stick around here. I expect things to lighten up here soon.
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