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    Reciprocal links and links pages

    I figured since I got more sleep and can think a little more clearly I would rewrite this. I am not the best at explaining things.

    I thought long and hard after a discussion today with another local of this forum. I am not saying I am wrong or right but this is how it goes. IMHO(and excuse me if I jump around)

    First of all ppl need to get PR out of there head, all PR is, is a rank of a page, it is a small percentage of the algarthym.

    On to My opinion of links pages.

    They drain the relevancy of a link. thus why links pages are lower in "PR" then other pages. They have multiple links going out, with irrelvant info, thus defeating the purpose of a reciprocal link.

    If I have a web site trying to sell different types of Earth Science Software, (oceanography software, geology software, meteorology software, each with their own page and original content) then I want to find other websites that offer content on the same relevant topic. Then ask for these pages to get linked together. Oceanography to oceanography , geology to geology, meteorology to meteorology. All content stays relevant and improving the link structure.

    Not links page to homepage.

    I currently have a client that I got 39 listings in DMOZ, all listings go to different pages that have different content, and everypage that got a listing from DMOZ has a link going to the page in DMOZ where that link was found. The releavancy is far greater. Will I loss any sales to compeditors do to this process, definatly, and I will also get potential custumer from them improving my reach.

    Link pages jump from relevant topic to irrelevant topic. Not to mention they are not pointing to a topic they are pointing to a homepage.

    Can anyone honestly say that they ask for links to their links page and you link back to the other sites links page.

    If that company does not want to do this, THEIR LOSS, move on. Plain and simple.

    If you are paranoid that someone comes into your site and that a surfer will cvome in and leave on one of these links, losing a potential sale, have it open to a new window, then they are still in your site and add No toolbar to the link. Will this stop them????? No. They will just go back to the search engine and look again.

    You cannot tell a websurfer waht to do.

    Lets face it, most ppl looking for something are "window shopping" checking prices and such. They will buy when they are ready. Will you have what they are looking for, quite possibly. Will they buy from you maybe, that is the only guarentee you can get.

    It is not the search that is important, it is the FIND.

    Sorry if this got lengthy

    Any comments please.

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    Quite a nice post spherica. Good job
    I knew all of this before though

    Anyways, an excelllent post for the newcommers

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