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    NewBie Questiions

    I'm new to your forum and have a few questions:

    1. I notice quotes often show the original poster but when I select a quote from another poster and put it into my post, the original poster doesn't show up. How can get the original poster to show up?

    2. Once I select Post Reply there doesn't seem to be any way to cancel the operation. If I take a long time to build my reply I often want to check that no new posts have come in that I should also acknowledge, so I would like to copy what I've written so far, cancel the Reply Post and refresh the page to see if anything new has come in. So how can I cancel the Post Reply operation?

    2. I'd often like to insert an an image from my desktop machine but I don't see a Browse function for image insert. Am I missing something?

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    You might be searching for functionality that isn't there. This is a (more or less) standard vBulletin forum, albeit an older version. Most of the buttons behave the same way as buttons on other vB forums do.
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    You put

    (QUOTE=member name] message here [/QUOTE)

    Swapping out the first ( for [ and the last ) for ]

    If you want to see if anyone else has replied in the mean time why not open seochat in another tab and look there..

    If you want to add an image upload it to somewhere like tinypic or any other image hosting website, then paste the img url between

    (IMG] [/IMG)

    Again swapping the ( ) for [ ]
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    Thank you very much!
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    Another way to check if others have replied whilst you have been typing your reply is to simply copy what you have put, hit back and refresh the thread, simples!

    Apart from that and the code Darren gave you, the standard version of vB on this theme (and most others) does not give you the options you have asked about because they are not generally needed.

    For your quote question, I take it you mean your quoting someone who has quoted another post? I do agree, that vB could have coded that a little better so we have
    Originally Posted by person 1
    Originally Posted by person 2
    blah blah blah
    great post!
    But hay, that's just life so if you want to double quote you will need to simply copy paste what was said and enter the code yourself as Darren posted
    PHP Code:
    [quote=member name][quote=member name]1st person post content here[/quote]2nd person post content here[/quote
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