Ive just a few thoughts regarding new members and the general decline of discussion in the forums.

As others have previously suggested I too agree that we perhaps need a "Newbie" forum.

But here is what i am wondering.

Is it possible at all that new member's posts be put into a new Newbie forum automatically.
Perhaps doing a check and if a member has less than say 30 posts and is not submitting to the 'site reviews' forum obviously, then their 'New Threads' are automatically put under the Newbie Forum Category?

I dont know if it is possible or if it may create too many queries to the db to do the check but i think it just may be a way of keeping most of the silly posts out of other areas.

I know im sick of seeing the 'is my site banned' and the 'how ddo i get my site to the top' posts and im sure a lot of the other members are too. Its time consuming to sift through all of the posts to come across a Gem of a discussion these days.

I feel it would open up the other existing forum cats to better and open discussion.

just my thoughts.