Announcing the SEO Chat Blog!!

As you can see, stories are posted in the front page with all the news about stuff that matters in the fields of science, software, law, and – of course – Search Engine Optimization. Never again be left without your opinion heard! Better still, you can actually participate as a blog poster! Got something interesting to say? Just saw something on the news you’d like to report on? Go ahead and submit it! Look at the Log In for on the front page, right above the navigation menu on the left:

Create an account by clicking on Sign Up. After creating an account, make sure to check your e-mail for your password. (By the way, go ahead and say “Yes” to signing up for the Developer Shed newsletter. There are a lot of goodies in there you don’t want to miss!)

When logged in, you’ll be able to select what kind of news you want to see, set up a user bio, and (most importantly) submit a topic! (Note that you'll need to click on "My Blog Settings" to make a blog poster profile). If your topic is accepted, we’ll post it on the front page for the world to see, and other SEO Chatter to comment on. Heard about the new “Ghost in a Shell” movie? Post it! Submit your story! Got a question as to what computer programming language is sexiest? Ask it! Teenage mutant ninja turtles invading your house? Well, now – that one you might want to keep to yourself, bub.

We have created a user rating system which recognizes our blog users who are active participants. We generate a point total for each participant based on several methods of involvement including but not limited to: number of new topics started, vote ranking, and the number of replies to topics. Titles are granted on a sliding scale (new titles are harder to achieve as you progress) and are as follows:

0000 - 0200 Plant Food
0201 - 0500 Cannon Fodder
0501 - 0800 Stable Boy
0801 - 1200 Squire
1201 - 1700 Apprentice Knight
1701 - 2300 Knight
2301 - 3000 Sergeant
3001 - 4000 Field General
4001 - 6000 Commander
6001 - 10k Master of the Universe
10k + Choose your own title!

Changes in titles will qualify you for a number of giveaways, as well as give you massive bragging rights, which you can lord over other bloggers, as well as innocent bystanders who happen to stumble upon your massive geek aura.

Go to front page and get started now!