This week is the Social Media Week, Facebook, Google+ and MySpace launched new Features.

Go Social | Full-Screen Option Added to Google+ Hangout On Air

People have come to expect a lot of good things from Google. When we say "really good stuffs," we mean not only that their services are given free or gratis, but it is more about their commitment to deliver first-rate products as if it's all... read here :[link: ]

New MySpace Relaunches as Sleek, Modern Music-Focused Social Networking Site

After the announcement of facebook with their new features, the Graph Search, mySpace also reveal it new sleek design of myspace. Here comes the New MySpace where you can find the tracks of your favorite artist. Have you tried signing into your myspace account? well better check it out, myspace now offers a very cool and very sleek design where you can be entertained by the bunch of songs. read here : [link: ]

Facebook Introduces Graph Search, A Social Search Tool to Rival Google

Facebook Introduces Graph Search, Names the Service as 'Third Pillar' of its Ecosystem Quick to dismiss claims that Graph Search is Facebook's entry in the web search arena dominated by Google, Facebook's own search tool is engineered to take a precise query and deliver answers. This means, only content that has been shared to users and content posted inside the social media site can be searched. read here: [link: ]