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I think in most cases SEO / Adwords would be the best way forward. Of course, it depends on what your business does though.

Adwords can get you earning from day one, and why would any company use AdWords if it wasn't profitable? A family member of mine makes a very good living out of ranking well in her territory, and spending 150-200 a month on ads trying to target people slightly outside of her territory. Doesn't break the bank and she, without doubt, makes the money back and some.

With SEO, it's free really. Just takes time and effort on your behalf.

I actually think Facebook ads would be the riskiest. The only time I've ever used (paid) Facebook ads effectively is through the pixel with past visitors on my sites - other than that I haven't been too impressed.
We're having good luck with Lookalike Facebook ads for some clients. Upload your client list and Facebook will match their common demo with new potential clients.