Ok, ok. It has been like a decade since my last post on SEOchat. Can I blame an infinite loop?

Apologies for my multi-year absence. I've been up to a lot, for instance I recently launched an influencer marketing network where you can get free product in exchange for reviews. We are signing up brands very quickly, so we find ourselves in the odd position of needing to get more influencers, which is why I'm here with digital hat in hand asking for my old SEO contacts with social accounts to test out being an influencer with us.

By our definition, and because we allow brands to filter, anyone with a social account and/or blog is potentially an influencer.

If any of you are interested in helping us out and getting some free product in return, the process is pretty easy:
1. Sign up as an influencer at Influencers | Intellifluence
2. Brands will reach out to you with requests
3. Get free product
4. Make the honest reviews

There's no costs to you and currently no limits on how many reviews you can do, so tell your friends.