My site was brutally maimed in a dark alley confrontation with a Panda and a Penguin. Many attempts at resuscitation with help from friendly folks here proved futile.

It was advised that a new site with no baggage be created and the site was born. This site was created from scratch in new version of Joomla CMS so I will have no temptation to reuse old content. The site will take a month or two to complete as all content must be entered article by article but the site has already started doing well in its relevant searches as "toyota hilux vigo" "toyota thailand" Vigo thailand, fortuner thailand, nissan navara thailand and some other searches that were not even intended. Some desired search terms are still out of reach but I've to learn to count the blessings. I would love a review of this site to see if I'm not repeating the mistakes I made that I got me into trouble the first time around.