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    Where would you find a copywriter?

    I've got a friend who's wanting to get into freelance work, she doesn't know much about freelancing, so any thoughts on this would be appreciated. I'll try and get her to sign up here too.
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    Can't help a lot on this most of the important things about being a Freelancer are related to legislation, don't know how it works outside of France. To answer the post title, If I were to look for a copywriter, i'd check online... or ask a couple of journalists friends to see if they know someone interested. Sometimes I receive email proposing copywriting business partnership (these emails generally s***), I guess if I received one with good content, original and appealing copywriting (something that stand out from the rest) I might contact the person back.

    Sorry I can't help you more on this one. Starting to work as a Freelancer, is a very long and epic journey, there will be highs, there will be lows, but in the end there is so much satisfaction.
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    Not exactly the answer to your actual question but I would start building my own portfolio... Blogs like these are good for both building a public portfolio of samples and making initial income: Where to Blog for Money: 15 Blogs To Apply To In Order To Become a Paid Contributor

    I'd follow Carol too: Make A Living Writing - Practical Help for Hungry Writers
    I know that she passes all kinds of gigs to her community and she is very good at teaching freelance writers on how to earn money
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    To get started freelancing as a copywriter and where many people find them for work are:

    Just to name two off the top of my head. These are a few of the many places that a freelance copywriter can go to and get work and get paid good. They will be heavily critiqued as well even if it seems unjust as it affects their pay.

    I agree with Ann for her to start her own portfolio as well and then outreach through marketing to get more business. Good luck and much success to them.
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    A bit late to this party but whenever we need to outsource copy we go to upwork.com.

    Here's a quote from our in-house copywriter on her process for finding a new freelancer which could help give some insight:

    "I would always ask for samples of their work before hiring them. Many will have portfolios available on their profile that you can look at, but if not, just ask. It's a good idea to test them out with something small like an article or two first so you can assess whether they are a good fit for you. Don't be afraid to move onto another one if it's not working out.

    Regarding experience/price - Just because someone has not had much previous work does not mean they are not a perfectly good copywriter/content producer. Don't dismiss people based just on a lack of past jobs/reviews, because you could very well be passing over a hidden gem. The best person I found actually had hardly any jobs or reviews before I hired her, and she's better by far than the others I used who had loads of jobs, lots of good reviews and cost far more!"

    I would say:

    - spend some time working on a really great profile and be specific on any niche-specific experience she has as well as her background of broader qualifications or interests that might make her stand out to potential client looking for something specific
    - definitely add some examples of work she has already done
    - do some outreach to businesses / websites that may be looking for copywriters, if she can find one or two and they are happy to work with her through upwork she can use those to start building her profile so people searching upwork are more likely to select her

    Hope that helps
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    Freelance writer and copywriter would be two different niches. Ask them if they're more into marketing or more into writing (although I understand the two are closely related). For freelance, build portfolio and the ideas to build rapport may be a bit different than writing web copy....

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