This is not SEO related, but since this is the only forum I really hang around in, I thought i'd post this here first. I'm wondering what I should talk to my host about.

The issue is with the MySQL database. I didn't know that phpMyAdmin was included in cpanel. Before I figured this out, I installed phpMyAdmin myself in my own directory. I didn't change any of the config files at first - I just uploaded it, and went to the directory to see what it looked like before configuring. To my horror, I had acces to EVERY single MySQL database on the server. I went into a few databases and poked around, but of course did not make any changes.

When I found the cpanel phpMyAdmin, I only had access to my own database. The issue here is if anyone else manually installs phpMyAdmin and finds this out, my db and others are at risk. Does anyone know what the issue is that the host needs to do? I know nothing about the backend of MySQL and such...

Thanks in advance for any help - this is quite alarming!