A link partner has done something wierd and aggravating.

They have a "test" "beta" search engine out there with some link partners pages on it. We are one.

The site ranks well, though below us for some of our keywords. When you hit the site it has our Title
Next line is some of our meta information
Next line is a link to our site
Underneath that is copied content from our site, without punctutation, paragraphs etc. Pure copies/scraping of our site.

Underneath that are links to other link partners of the original site.

Then there is a link back to a page which refers that this is a beta search engine built by the "link partner" with a robots.txt spider going through the web

The whole thing is ugly. For a couple of regional terms, where we dominate this site turns up 4-7th in google.

On the one hand it does refer to our site. On the other hand it is unauthorized, ugly, and possibly confusing to our potential customer base. If it looked good I wouldn't care.

I emailed the group and threatened to get a hold of their web host to tell them they are publishing unauthorized materials. Should I be doing anything else.