I am looking to build a roster of content writers for a large number of projects that I have coming up.

You (or your employees in the case of companies) MUST be native UK, US, Australian, New Zealand or Canadian English speakers with an excellent standard of written English. You must be able to write in both formal and informal tone and able to match writing style to various demographic groups as projects demand.

You must be able to provide reference material that you have produced along with contacts for previous satisfied customers.

Areas that we will be requiring content in will include:

Finance - Banking, credit
Telecoms - fixed line, mobile, data (e.g. broadband)
Insurance - home, motor, life, travel
Travel - general travel content, specific country and resort guides
Utilities - Gas, electric, water, energy conservation
Consumer goods - electronics, white goods, cookware, books
Fashion - clothing, accessories

We don't expect anyone to have experience in all these areas hence why we wish to build up a roster. We also expect the work to be ongoing and to build a strong working relationship with content suppliers.

If you would like to register an interest please contact me via private message so we can exchange contact details. If your account is not new enough to send private messages then please reply in this thread and I'll contact you.

Any questions feel free to ask in the thread or via private message.