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Jupitermedia has been a big name in the search engine optimization and marketing communities. On August 2nd, the company sold its marketing tradeshows and websites, and, to a company traded on the London stock market. Incisive Media Plc bought the sites and conferences for a scant $43 million. They plan to recover the loss and begin profiting from the purchase within a year.

Jupitermedia’s CEO, Alan Meckler, gave a couple reasons why he decided to sell those sites and conferences. He basically simplified the whole issue when he said, “Jupitermedia has evolved from being a media company with images into an image company with media.” Jupiter has purchased many image sites in the past months, and he intends to keep purchasing them. The best way to raise more money to expand the company’s media reach was to either open these sites to be traded publicly or else sell them. Meckler saw selling them to be easier and more focused on his long term goals for the company.

Incisive Media Plc is a British company primarily focused on financial business. Among their eight divisions are things such as mortgage solutions and investment management. By purchasing the Jupitermedia, Incisive hopes to make a smooth transition into the search marketing arena. It is also trying to solidify its position in other countries, especially the United States. The result of both of these transitions is yet to be seen.

It looks as if the employees from Clickz and Searchenginewatch are moving with the company. There shouldn’t be any major staff changes, and the outspoken ones sounded optimistic about the new company. They hope that their help will bring new possibilities to Incisive Media. The new company also plans to host more conferences each year, especially internationally. Will this bring growth and greater reach to the ClickZ network, or will this change in management be a disaster for it?