Hey Team,

Hope you are well!
So I have an issue in GWT with HTML Improvements - Duplicate title tags.

So I have around 60 "duplicate title tags" that seem mostly to be 301 redirects that I have done. Now for some reason the redirects are going to odd places and returning a duplicate errors.
Here is an example of what is showing in GWT:
"C. McCarthy
The url is antlervelvet com

So one is linking to the testimonial (this snippet of content is actually a testimonial and is also on the testimonial page) on its own page and the other is linking to the home page. Now both are using the same title and being seen as duplicate.

I am guess they are old urls that the site has created somewhere and I have missed them along the way.

I also have around 60 duplicate meta descriptions too.

How do I resolve this situation?

I can send a screen-shot or add additional info if needed.