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    Hello SEO aquaintences. Im back!

    I see there have been some big changes in the site since my last visit. I hope everybody is doing well and had a wonderful Christ-mas celebration.

    I have had some major changes also since I was last here. First off, my laptop blue screened on me and refused to boot. I had to do a total system recovery. Thankfully, I had purchased recovery CD's by mail just a few weeks before the crash. ( I had suspicions things were headed down-hill).

    I lost everything I had that was not stored on an external drive. This means I spent a lot of time restoring those things too.

    Then of course, Christmas was upon us with all the shopping for sons and grandchildren. ( Wheww! thank you Lord that's over).

    lastly, and since we had been shopping for a new vehicle for Mwah, ... on Dec 31 we settled for a 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee limited 4x4. v6.

    Now I have my own vehicle again and EVERYBODY is happy. Especially my 17 year old who now feels one step closer to calling my 2000 Ford f150, his very own.

    Now, its Jan. I am back at it online. Ive made some changes to my site. Google helpers have encouraged me to stop linking to my site from SEO sites. ( hahaha - gotta love em ), And I have learned how to put no follow attributes and title attributes on things which probably needed them.

    all in all, I've done a lot without much increase in ranking.

    No matter, I just wanted to come and tell everyone who had formerly helped me that I am still alive and kicking. I may check in from time to time.

    Kind Regards
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    Originally Posted by DeeperStill
    all in all, I've done a lot without much increase in ranking.
    Yes you have done a lot! Unfortunately buying a new truck and entertaining the grandkids at Christmas are not going to help you get better ranks. Neither will putting no follow attributes and title attributes on "things" which probably needed them (in a competitive market).

    Stop whining, get busy on the stickies, ask specific questions when you have them... oh and welcome back
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    And Merry Christmas!

    Those new Jeeps are pretty nice, good pick!
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    Happy Holidays and now back to work
    Welcome back!
    Everything will be ok in the end

    If it's not ok, it's not the end

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