Hi all, I am brand new to the forum and I have to say..I'm going to be sticking around here. Lots of info I can soak up. Thanks for that.
On to my question so as not to waste anybody's time.

I recently launched a new Wordpress Blog about 2 months ago. It's a site about World of warcraft. I cannot post the URL here because I'm a new user.

I built a few backlinks from social bookmarking etc but I didn't go overboard with them. I was trying to build just enough to get spiders to come and crawl my site. I succeeded in doing that.

Googlebot and other spiders crawl my site every 2 days or so.

My question is this: Why is Google only indexing the URLs for all of my pages?

site:noobstation.com - this pulls up every one of my posts but no titles or descriptions.

The Privacy setting in Wordpress in turned to public, my robots.txt. file is set to allow all spiders, and my robots meta tab is set to allow them.

I'm wondering if you all have any insight on anything I may have overlooked or if this is normal for the first couple months. Thanks so much!