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    Does domain affect SEO

    I was told that nowdays,domains almost do not affect seo,as is used to be in the past,is this true?
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    That is correct, the specific domain name its self has very little bearing on rankings.

    That doesn't mean any old domain name will do, it just means don't buy a domain like this


    buy one like

    www.myniche.com or www.mycompany.com
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    Originally Posted by papercupmachine
    Correct domain names does not affect seo
    That's totally wrong, it does have some affect, not what it did but it still has some barring on results.
    No one know how much or how little, it's not worth going and buying a bunch of EMS's but it still has an affect in the serps.

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    I disagree with the above posts. A smart, natural branded domain CAN give benefits in Search Engines. I have 3 working examples.

    Sure, the move is AWAY from this; however, at the current time I fully believe domain names can and do help SERP's if kept in reason - ts's example of http://www.keyword-super-keyword-key...rd-keyword.com is a good example of a poor use. However, www.CompanyWidgets.com might be a smart choice.

    Again, I've said it before BRANDING>SEO in domain names. Don't go switching domains just for a small boost in SEO.
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    At the moment I have a new website with my full name as the domain, when I search (owen prescott) or (owenprescott) I get these results in Google.
    PG 01
    - My social media sites
    - My old site (1 year old) very few mentions of my actual name
    - More social media sites

    PG 02
    - A few more social media sites
    - My new website using my name (1.5 months old)
    - Other profiles

    I guess Google prefers my aged sites in this case, I am surprised that my new site is not ranking for my name on the top 3 at least.
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    The domain name does have some effect on SEO, it may not be huge but there are EMD's and PMD's which have been hit in the updates. As Joshz and test-ok said, it is something that they are starting to move away from but an EMD doesn't guarantee results unless the site information is pertinent.
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    As was said previously, domain name still has effect on SEO. The more simple and descriptive is the name of your domain - the higher the chance it will be found by a certain search request.

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