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    Clear negative search results! with Online Reputation Management

    Online Reputation Management or ORM as itís known, is the practice of making people and businesses look their best on the Internet.
    To accomplish that, people need to control their online search results on websites such as Google.com because they frequently contain inaccurate,
    misleading or outdated material which can adversely influence how web searchers view them.
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    WOW.... What a pointless post!

    However you do raise an interesting discussion topic. What to do about negative results returning in SERPs.

    From my general readings the methods that can be tried are:

    1. Contact the webmaster who posted the bad stuff and ask them to remove. This may require you rectifying the reason the bad things were being said in the first place or offering money to get the pages removed.
    2. Take legal action against the site if the information is legally slanderous/liable.
    3. See if the site offers a right of reply. If so reply with why the negative information is incorrect.
    4. See if you can purchase the website the information is on.
    5. For the keyword/name that is bringing up the bad results use that keyword name on powerful websites/forums/craigslist etc and try to push the offending material onto page 2 or more.
    6. Use the offending material to gain free press coverage about how the internet allows scumbags with a grievance to unfairly hurt legitimate businesses people.
    7. Rebrand your website/business under a new name and redirect old website to new website.
    8. Gain links for websites that are under the offending website and try to get them to increase rankings over the offending website.
    9. Make that keyword/term go viral so it appears on heaps of websites


    1. If anyone tells you to point heaps of garbage links at the offending website to try to gain it a penalty for that keyword and negative seo the website then I would strongly advise that you are more likely to make that website rank better/stronger for that key term then you are to cause that website to drop.
    2. Pay some scummy hacker to hack that persons website and take it down (even if successful it is unlikely to work for long as most websites have a backup and can just replace the hacked data.
    3. Pay some thug to physically intimidate the website owner and try to get them to remove offending material (Possibly likely to lead to you going to jail)
    Live the moment

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