Hello all,

First of all let me tell you what I am doing, I am creating a list of directories based on various aspects. I am doing this question in order to understand witch of these aspects is more important for you.

Fact 1: When you are submitted in a directory you are interested how many pages of it are indexed in Google because the more there are it is more possible for your back link to be visible
Fact 2: The estimated results for a term (e.g. Pages from a site: ) in the “of about” in the first page of results is a lot different from the finall one if you go to the last pages of the results (reall results number) . More often real result number is really fewer than estimated results.
Fact 3: From a directory that I own I know that in the webmasters center it says that from my sitemap there are 1380 pages indexed, in estimated results I have 1930, and in real results number there are 418. So maybe the real result number is fewer than the real indexed pages number.

In the list I make I want to short the directories by Google indexed pages but witch one?

If the only criteria to select a directory to submit was Google indexed pages witch would you select:
A: Estimated indexed pages (“of about” in first page) 65,000 VS Real indexed pages number (“of about” in last page) 200
Or B: Estimated 1,500 VS Real 450 ?

Please help me with your answers to understand witch is more important for you. I understand that the terms “real result numbers” and “estimated results” could mean different things of what I am saying but please if you understand my question don’t stick to that.

Thank you all in advance.