Is Google Analytics just stupid or am I reading some things wrong? Okay let me clarify a bit.

My Google Analytics page shows my client's site was getting an average of about 30-50 unique visits a day for the last few weeks. We just did a major overhaul of the site, both for SEO and to sort of expand the customers' interaction with us, by adding more informational links and whatnot. Well it is still under construction, but I have, since adding the new content, re-submitted our Google sitemap, and ever since doing this, the Analytics page is showing less and less visits a day.

Now we do have a better pageRank now than we did before (5/10 vs. 0/10!), and I mean according to Analytics we've gone from the ~30 visits to maybe 4 or 5 a day. I correctly implanted the urchin code in the new site and everything too, I'm not sure what could be causing this.

Oh, and those few hits are only apparently from bots or SEO tools I've been using to check dead links on the site, keyword distribution, and whatnot, as well as my own test visits.

But here's the odd thing... despite Analytics reporting a rather grim looking visit count this month, I checked the Webalizer tool we have as part of our web host's services. According to Webalizer we've been average 200+ unique visits a day... at least I think they're unique.

Does anyone know anything about Webalizer or how it shows statistics for a website's traffic versus google Analytics? If Analytics is really that off, then maybe I can be less frustrated at all my SEO work failing for some reason, no matter how optimized I think I am making our site.

Well the other issue is that this guy I work for is also putting me on a heavy time constraint to make his webpage sell products. Of course I know I can't give him 100% guarantees that SEO alone will improve sales, but we had a period of time where we were getting 2-3 sales a day, and that has since died off again (this streak died a few days prior to all the latest changes, too... hence my reasoning that adding the new front pages would improve things, but it has yet to show any results.). The only thing I can think of is that we aren't getting ENOUGH traffic, thus getting no sales.

I'm not a professional at this SEO stuff, though, like I'm sure most of the people who post here aren't either, so I'm still following a learning curve.

Anyway, besides the Webalizer vs. Analytics issue, I'm just wondering what in the world is going on, in Google's indexing especially, becuase while we rank in the top 10 for most "colorado pond supply" variant keyword searches in MSN/Yahoo, Google we don't even make the SERPs. This is really getting irritating, as my job's at stake over it.

Any suggestions or comments would be much appreciated. Thanks a lot!