Hello everyone,

I wanted to ask this question since long. I have been working in a company in India for 1 year. In this one year I have been doing off-page SEO tasks. Following are the tasks I do everyday on all the clients' projects -

1. Directory Submission (30 submissions)
2. Article Submission (10 submission)
3. Forum Participating (5 posts with links)
4. Blog Commenting (10 comments links)
5. Social Bookmarking (Bookmarking on10 sites)

Now, the condition is, I have to finish all the tasks everyday with live links only (i.e. comments, posts, which go into moderation, they don't count in my tasks). As a result, in order to complete my work, I often post my comments in such forums where lots of spammers are already posting their links. Just to get the link so that I can submit my today's task I have to post on such low quality forums. Same is the case with Article submission. I choose those sites which instantly approve the article. Talking of article, what we do is, we take articles on the topic from ezinearticles website and then use article rewriter tools to change it.

I want to ask now -

1. Is my work okay? ( I know everybody is going to say NO)
2. How much skills should I be knowing in one year of time? I know 5 types of tasks.
3. Should I continue with this company?
4. Should I get SEO certification from some company and then do the job again?
5. Should I change my career. Because I don't think anybody doing a genuine SEO in India.