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    What to do if your thread goes unanswered....

    I've been seeing a lot of "bumped" threads here lately, and thought I'd share some information on how to go about getting your thread answered in a manner that is not against SEO Chat rules.

    First and foremost, consider your original post.
    • Did you offer up enough information to answer the question?
      • If not, post again with additional information that will help other members to better assess the situation.

    • Is your question specific enough?
      • Questions such as "What is SEO?" "What is link building?" "How to do SEO/link building/optimization?" etc. are extremely unlikely to be answered (and are more likely to get you flamed). If your question is basic in nature, try using the search function here, or at www.google.com. We are in the Search Engine industry, so it would be ashame if we're not able to "search" for things on our own.

    • Has your question been answered numerous times in the past?
      • Once again, you'll need to defer to the search functionality of the site. If you do not find any relevant information, then perhaps you can post and explain why your question/thread is different than those asking similar questions in the past. We do like "different" around here - at least in the form of questions.

    • Did you offer too much information?
      • Writing a book, then asking "what did I do wrong?" - is often overwhelming, especially for people that (a) only post in between paying gigs, and (b) those that like to keep things simple, as complexity only adds to the confusion.
        Try posting again in a manner that uses a simpler explanation. Don't dumb it down all the way, but maybe cut back the fat.

    • Did you ask multiple, unrelated questions in the same thread?
      • It is often hard to reply back to something that asks questions all over the board. If you have unrelated questions, consider whether or not they may deserve their own thread. If you feel that they do, then cut back your original post to consider those relevant, and post another thread with the additional questions. This will be much more likely to get a response.

    • Is the question understandable?
      • I hate to bring it up, as not everyone's first language is English, but is your question written in a clear & concise manner? Is it legible? If you are using a translation service, try using a different one and reposting the question.
        If the question cannot be understood, it cannot be answered.

      • This is a problem even for those of us who have English as a first language. Typos, wording, brains, and lack of them can all contribute to confusing questions. Please review your post from an outsider's perspective.

    • Did you post your thread in the correct section?
      • Google optimization questions are unlikely to be answered if posted in the HTML Coding forum. If you find that your thread is in the wrong section, contact a moderator or admin and request that it be moved to the correct place.

    • Does your title describe the actual question?
      • A thread title such as "Help Me ~" that pertains to buying links is wrong on so many levels, but would likely receive better responses if the title were "Help buying links" (which still is not even that descriptive. The more descriptive, the better chances it will be viewed & answered.)

    There are many, many other reasons why your thread may go unanswered. Please, if this happens to you, consider the reasons why it might happen. Don't simply "bump" the thread with useless posts such as "bump", "anyone?", "So know one has an answer?" etc. They are unlikely to help, and are likely to be deleted as they add no value.

    If you can't figure out why your thread has gone unanswered, ask a moderator or admin. We'll try and point you in the right direction (if and when possible).

    As far as those who are interested in helping answer unanswered threads, you'll notice in the "Forum Tools" drop-down menu at the top of each forum section, there is a "View unanswered threads" link. If you use this, you'll get a listing of all the unanswered threads in that particular forum.

    If anyone has any other reasons or tips on getting a question answered, speak up.

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