Restricted User Policy

What's this 'view warnings' thing?

Reputation & Comments System

Where can I find out about the hacks installed?

Where can I find the vBulletin FAQs?

VB Codes

Why can't I send private messages?

Why do some usernames appear in bold, red text?

Why is there a site logo underneath my username?

Are there any forum rules?

Why doesn't my signature appear?

Why can't I edit or delete my own posts?

Can I highlight code in my posts?

I cant give reputation to someone - I keep getting a error msg.

I see something that is definitely spam. Should I do anything?

What is folding?

Restricted User Policy

The administrators have created a new policy where all new users will be unable to access certain privileges after registration.

Until you have been a member at the forums for 30 days and made 30 posts, you will be a restricted user.

This means that you will be unable to:

  • Create a signature to appear at the bottom of your posts;

  • Upload an avatar for use in your profile;

  • Change your user title to any custom text.

  • Post in the shoutbox on the forums index.

  • Upload attachments into post.

In addition, the first five posts of any users will have URLS and EMAIL ADDRESSES automatically purged from them. This is intended to deter people from signing up with the intent of spamming.

What's this 'view warnings' thing?

On the forums index page you will see a link to View Your Warnings. When you click this, the page is divided into two sections.

The first section (titled "Viewing Warning Information For username") shows you the warnings that you have received from the moderators or administrators. For most users, this will probably be blank. If there is anything in this section then you should know about it anyway, since when you are warned you will receive an email/PM.

The second section (titled "Warning Types") shows you the types of warnings that are available. This does NOT mean that you have received all these warnings - it only shows you what types of warnings are available that you can receive should you break any rules.

You will be warned for misbehaving (posting spam, having an offensive or inappropriate content in your avatar or signature, or posting unacceptable content such as vlugar language or abusing another member), and each warning gives you 5 points. When you reach ten points, your account is temporarily banned (the ban lasts for seven days).

If you continue to misbehave after your first ban, a further warning will result in your account being temporarily banned for 14 days. After your second ban, another warning will result in your account being permanently banned at the forums.

Any warnings you receive persist for a maturity time of 30 days. That is to say, if you receive on warning but do not get banned, the warning will vanish from your account after a 30-day period.

For each warning you recieve, you will automatically be sent a PM and an email with a summary of why you were warned and what action was taken (were you simply warned? Or were you temporarily or permanently banned?)

It is also possible for moderators to send "alerts", as well as warnings. Alerts are the same as warnings except they carry no points. If you're a new user or you honestly didn't know you were breaking the rules and the moderator doesn't feel that you deserve a full warning, you may be given an alert informing you of what you've done and telling you what not to do in the future.

Thanks go to the Developer Shed admin team for implementing this.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to send me or another moderator a PM or file a trouble ticket on Developer Shed's Esupport.

Reputation & Comments System

Many of you will be aware of the new reputation system that has been implemented by the administrators to the forums. Information about the vBulletin reputation system can be found here:

At the top right of every post you will see a new icon () which allows you to provide reputation for that user's post. Clicking the icon allows you to post a comment and state whether you agree or disagree. When anyone (including restricted users) leaves a comment about someone else's post, it will become visible in the following locations:

  • A box titled "Comments on this post" will appear beneath the post, with a list of users who agree/disagree (and any comments they may have left).

  • Each user has a public profile. At the bottom of this page there is a section "Latest Reputation Received". Any user will be able to see the last 20 reputation comments you have received.

  • In your user control panel, the 20 most recent reputation comments received are displayed (as well as the 10 most recent reputation comments you have given out to other users).

All full users have a certain reputation power. Your reputation power depends on many factors, including:

  • the number of posts you have;

  • the reputation you have received;

  • how long you have been a member at the forums.

If you are not yet a full user (i.e. you do not have 30 posts and have not been a member for 30 days) you do not have any reputation power. However, you can still agree/disagree with posts and your comments will be publicly visible.

When you click the button to give reputation to a post, a new window opens. In the new window, you must make three changes:

  • You must select whether you agree or disagree with the post. No option is selected by default.

  • You may enter a comment to explain why you agree or disagree (this is optional).

  • You may enter the number of reputation points (this is optional, and you can leave it set to its default value). When you agree with a post, you can increase the poster's reputation by the number of reputation points you have. If you disagree with their post, their reputation points will decrease by the half the number of reputation points you have. However, this textbox allows you to select a different number of reputation points to give or take away.

Every time you agree or disagree with a post, your comment will appear in their user control panel. Each comment will either have a green icon (to show that the user agreed with your post), a red icon (to show that the user disagreed with your post) or a grey icon (where the user has no reputation power so is not a full member).

Everyone starts with 10 points and one green icon associated with their profile. As they gain (or lose) points, their total increases or decreases and the number of green icons next to their profile changes. The more green icons there are, the more the user is respected in the forum. Users with extremely high reputation may have some gold icons.

You can find out your current reputation level from your Control Panel. If you scroll to the bottom, you will see a "Latest Reputation Received" section, where you can find out your current reputation level and view the most recent comments posted about you.

To prevent abuse, you cannot give reputation out to more than 10 people in a 24 hour period. Before you can give reputation to the same person again, you either need to give reputation out to 10 other people, or wait 15 days (at which point the previous reputation expires).

Where can I find out about the hacks installed?

Some hacks have recently been installed into the SEO Chat forums. The most obvious of these have been documented in this thread. Details about the other hacks installed can be found in Forum Announcements forum:

Forum Announcements

Where can I find the vBulletin FAQs?

If you would like to read the standard vBulletin FAQs where you'll find general details about using the forum, please refer to the URL below:

VB Codes

The administrators have added some additional vB Codes to the forums, to make linking to certain things much easier.

The custom vB Codes added are:

More information about the vB Code can be found at the following URL:

Why can't I send private messages?

It has been reported that the private message system has been abused by new members, trying to spam their product or website, or seeking help from a knowledgeable user about a particular problem.

To prevent these types of problems, a new rule has been introduced.

Users with less than 10 posts will be unable to send private messages.

Why do some usernames appear in bold, red text?

Any user who is an administrator or moderator will have their username appear in a bold, red font. This addition has been made to the forum to help make it obvious for new users to see who is in charge.

A full list of the moderators and the forums they moderate is available here

Why is there a site logo underneath my username?

In every post you make, a site logo will appear underneath your username. This is an indicator of the number of posts you have made on the forums. The more posts you have made, the better the logo looks!

Are there any forum rules?

Yes. Forum rules have been kept in a separate thread. Please refer to the The General Rules Thread for the forum rules.

In addition, individual forum categories may have additional rules. Please check the stickies of any forum before you post in it.

Why doesn't my signature appear?

Presuming you are allowed a signature (please see the Restricted User Policy in this document) signatures will only show up once per thread per page. The signature will therefore not appear under all of your posts.

Why can't I edit or delete my own posts?

Editing posts

Due to security issues and the need to ensure the quality of our knowledgebase, we have had to impose a 30 day limit on the ability for regular users to edit their posts. Users will have the ability to edit their own posts for 30 days after creating it.

If, for some reason, a user needs to change a post that is more than 30 days old, a moderator can assist you to make the necessary changes.

Deleting posts

The administrators have decided to prevent users from deleting their own posts. In the past, deleting the first post of a thread would delete the entire thread, making it impossible for others to be able to read and learn from the information posted.

If there is a legitimate reason why you need a post or thread deleting, please send a private message to a moderator of the particular forum and they should be able to help you. Also don't forget that you should still be able to edit posts if needed.

Can I highlight code in my posts?

A hack has been installed which allows you to highlight many different languages which you may include in your posts.

To use the highlighter function, use the following vB Code (without the extra spaces inside the [ and ]):

[ highlight=php ]
echo "PHP code goes here";
[ /highlight ]

This will produce:

php Code:
  echo "PHP code goes here";

The following languages are currently supported:

  • actionscript
  • ada
  • apache
  • asm
  • asp
  • bash
  • caddcl
  • cadlisp
  • c_mac
  • c
  • cpp
  • csharp
  • css-gen.cfg
  • css
  • delphi
  • diff
  • div
  • d
  • eiffel
  • gml
  • html4strict
  • java
  • javascript
  • lisp
  • lua
  • matlab
  • mpasm
  • nsis
  • objc
  • oobas
  • oracle8
  • pascal
  • perl
  • php-brief
  • php
  • python
  • qbasic
  • smarty
  • sql
  • vbnet
  • vb
  • vhdl
  • visualfoxpro
  • xml

I cant give reputation to someone - I keep getting a error msg.

Are you using Norton Firewall or some program like it? Also, another possibility is you have your browser security settings too high - any of those can cause it not to work. Try disabling Norton and then submitting reputation and then turning it back on or consider doing the same with your browser security settings.

If you're having problems with Firefox, it's possibly due to your browser not sending the http referrers.

To fix this:

1) Type about:config in as a URL
2) find the value network.http.sendRefererHeader.
3) Change it to "2".

For those of you with Norton Internet Security, you can try the following:

Open "Norton Internet Security" and click "Privacy Control" on the main screen.

Click the "Configure" button in the lower right corner.

In the "Privacy Control" window that appears, click the "Advanced" button.

In the "Advanced" dialog, click the "Add Site" button in the lower left corner of the "Web Content Options" tab.

Type "" in the "New Site/Domain" dialog box, then click the "OK" button. (without the quotes)

Select "" in the list of domains in the left pane, and set the "Global Settings" as indicated:

* Under "Information about your browser," uncheck "Use default options" and check "Permit."
* Under "Information about visited sites," uncheck "Use default options" and check "Permit."

Hit OK and your done

Follow the same instructions as outlined above for 2004.. see the pictures below for an idea of what you should be doing

Even the older versions (pre 2004) have this problem and the solution is exactly the same.. just look for the options to do the same as above in your version of Norton.

I see something that is definitely spam. Should I do anything?

If you see someone posting advertisements which are irrelevant to the thread topic or simply any other form of spamming, please report the post by clicking the "Report this post" button () or the large SPAM button on the bottom left of the relevant post, and indicate that it is spam in your report. If you cannot report the post (due to, for example, already having reported 5 posts prior), please send a PM to one of the moderators of that forum. If the big SPAM button is not visible, another user has already reported this post.

Please Do Not post any replies to that message such as "Go away, idiot," or "You're stupid." This only bumps the thread back to the top of the forum listing, and makes the spammer's post(s) visible for a longer period of time. Once you've reported the post or thread, a moderator will soon take care of it as needed.

What is folding?

By the request from Dev Hardware forums members we decide to introduce folding hack to all our forums. This folding hack promote the Stanford project of Folding at Home, 'Folding at Home' is a distributed computing project which analyzes effect of protein related abnormalities on cancer.
All the folders agree that we need some extra way of publicizing the great things you can do with your spare CPU cycles. We also think it s time people are acknowledged for their efforts.

We created a new custom field in User CP, you will see a new input box under Miscellaneous Options. Go to USER CP, select Edit Options on left navigation, Scroll down page to the Miscellaneous Options section. All the Dev Folding members have to enter their 6 digit folding number over there. Please make sure to enter correct number. In order to collect users Folding points from our automated system you have to enter your folding number over there. Please pass this message among all the Dev Folding members, We want all Dev Folding members to update this as soon as possible.

To know more about Folding at Home please read this FAQ thread

If you are having trouble finding your folding number please read this thread. There are lots of posts related to how to find your folding number

Folding levels
0 20,000 :: Novice Folder
20,001 40,000 :: Starter Folder
40,001 60,000 :: Beginner Folder
60,001 80,000 :: Intermediate Folder
80,001 100,000 :: Advanced Folder

After 100,000 new gold color blob will display

100,001 500,000 :: Super Ultimate Folder - Level 1
500,001 1,000,000 :: Super Ultimate Folder - Level 2
1,000,001 1,500,000 :: Super Ultimate Folder - Level 3

after every 500,000, level number will start to increase.