When using WordPress you have the options to redirect/assign your "Category Pages" to a standard "Highly Optimized" Wordpress page.

1. My question is: when using a physical Silo Architecture I will have Parent Pages and Child Pages... Should I corrilate my "Pages" with my "catgories" when redirecting/assigning

Like So:

Parent Category ------> Parent Page <------ Supporting Blogs would then be published under the catagory
Sub-Category ----> Child Page <------ Supporting Blogs would then be published under the sub-catagory

In doing this I'm creating a type of Double Silo. One within my pages and another with in my categories. With longtail blog content linked back up to the parent and child pages.

2. Or make all pages parent pages (Top level) and correlate like this (In this example my "pages" are all parent pages yet I'm structuring a "Silo" hirarchy with in the blog catagories

Catagory------> Parent Page
Sub-Catagory -----> Parent Page

In doing this its kinda mixed signals... the pages are all considered parents, yet the categories are physicaly siloed in to sub-catagories. Any thoughs... would this be a benifit or a draw back.

Would I see benefits since all pages are technically parent pages, with category and sub category silos?

3. Or assign catagory pages to parent pages and leave child pages as is... then link to the parent with blog content

Catagory ------> Parent Page
Sub-Category No Link ---> Child Page

Can anyone make sense of these structure options...

4. If I wanted to rank for "NIH Grant Writing" would you recommend the top silo page be
"example.com/NIH-Grant-Writing" or "example.com/Grant-Writing/NIH-Grants"

Will dedicating a more competitive term for the top page enhance the ranking ability of my child page or hinder it?

Ranking for the more competitive would be great but if the client's focus is on a subtopic is building the silo based around the more competitve term counter productive?

5.Or if I want to rank for both should both of these be a top silo pages?

6. Will a post or page being a sub-catagory or child page prevent it from ranking well?

7. What do you think performs better... Web Pages Silos or Blog Catagory silos?

Any insight on to how one would properly execute the Silo using a category redirect would be appreciated.
The websites will be business oriented websites which is why i'm interested in the redirect feature as I dont want the pages to look like a blog.