The organic search results for our main keyword were displayed on the first page of google as:
1. our site (homepage)
[ our google places map, addy, phone ]
2. competitor A site (homepage)
3. competitor B site (homepage)
4. competitor C site (homepage)

In adition, our main keyword was also similar to our company's name. So our map listing was huge on the front page just under our organic listing.

On monday 4/1/13 some type of update occurred and now the results are as follows...

1. competitor A site (homepage)
2. competitor A site /spamindex/index.html
3. competitor A site /spamindex2/index.html
4. competitor A site /spamindex3/index.html
5. our site (homepage)

And our map listing is not showing! I logged into our places account, did some minor tweaking, and resubmitted it. But it's still not showing. And to top it off our competitors map listing is showing!!! Double wammy. We are now far below the monitor cut off on the first page in #5 position. The competing site made up dozens of these /directories/ with spam pages and google indexed them. I recall they did this last year and it took about 2 months and google weeded them out.

Any idea if these results will be weeded out. And why is our map not showing??!?!?!