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    Why Different Results when in Different locations?

    When using a hardline internet connection whose IP is in my city, my keyword search shows the 7-pack map listing and of course organic results.

    However, when I used my hacked cell phone hot spot with an IP located across the country, the same google keyword search does NOT show the 7-pack and the organic listings are much different.

    Has anyone else noticed this? Why is this?
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    Its been like that for years. Google geotargets its search results.
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    This question is interesting. So does that mean that our position in Google is never 100% accurate? I noticed the same thing last year when I spent some time away as I was expanding and my keywords weren't in the same position as they were in London.
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    Eddie - your SERPs results from where you search from (or where the IP for the search is performed from) are 100% accurate to that location. It is also specific to the account you are logged into with (or not) and some other preferences and parameters. There is a URL parameter where you can specify geographical target (I forget what it is but you could Google it and find it pretty easily).

    Google strives to give the most relevant results to the searcher, and that usually means different results in different locations.

    It would be fair to say that most SERPs for the same keyword are slightly different.

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    Yup, google gives results based on your location.

    You can change the region in the search settings.

    You can also stipulate 'no country redirect' with Google

    If you are mostly targeting US surfers and you are outside US, you should
    check the SERPs with a HTTP proxy or with a web proxy in US.

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