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    Website Status

    I have been working on a pet project for myself and my wife. Its a website which i am trying to completely optimize for SEO and a place for my wife to write articles and hopefully make some money (so she can afford her clothes habit).

    Anyway, I would like to share my results so far. (And when i get enough juice on this site, i will post it in the website review section)

    I completely optimized the site technically including; site is built with Divs and CSS to reduce html overhead, descriptive title tags, optimized meta tags, alt text, keywords in domain, descriptive URL and image names (if this help?), H1 tags with keyword, and good content around keywords several paragraphs deep.

    I also signed up for Google web master and yahoo site explorer. I created a Google site map and submitted. I went to several web directories and submitted the site. Although, they didn't seem to get accepted. I asked two friends to post back links. The best site has a PR of 3. The others are not even ranked.

    The results:

    week 1: The site got crawled but i would only show up for domain name (if that).

    week 2: started getting some very very long tail search returns. Also, i started appearing 30th for many domian name keyword. (keep in mind my main keyword is not a major money maker).

    week 3: started showing up for more long tail words and getting some clicks. My main keyword has moved to the first SERP page as number 5 or 6 and I am getting a handful of clicks.

    Other than that, I am not showing at all for any hard keywords. I am please with my results so far and hope for more gains as my wife write more content...
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    Originally Posted by alroe21

    Other than that, I am not showing at all for any hard keywords. I am please with my results so far and hope for more gains as my wife write more content...
    Well, congratulations you have made a progress. One thing I can suggest to build strong links to your site is to utilize your wife potential as a writer. Being a writer that good write good articles can earn lot of natural links. Be a member of Digg or related sites. Submit a story and if the article is really good many will be impressed and put links to your site.

    Also, maximize her membership in all writer associations in the web. Many have profiles in it and you can obtain backlinks from it. Also she can maximize the results of the articles..

    Time after time, if you will do that everyday. backlinks will naturally accumulate and your site will gain popularity someday.

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    • alroe21 agrees : Great suggestions, I would give points if I had any.
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    congratulations.. good work.. well try to compete your targeted kws... and build more links... it might take some time to rank especially of you have alot of competitors... regular update and maintenance is very important... ;-) goodl luck...

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