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    Web Accessibility + SEO

    Hello All - I just joined the community and would love to hear some thoughts around a topic I've been wrangling.

    How important is web accessibility in terms of SEO?

    We have an open debate between two departments internally and I'm trying to find some conclusive data on how accessibility plays a role in SEO considerations. I know that it isn't a high %, but knowing the risk is important to making the right decision for the business. Note: We serve education, medical and government clients but they are not our primary market.

    Full Disclosure: I'm of the opinion that one should always put the user first when it comes to design and I find myself asking the question, "why not?"

    Looking forward to any resources that support one way or another, as well as personal experiences.
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    Accessibility should be done correctly anyway, seo shouldn't have anything to do with it. However good accessibility can influence seo if done correctly.
    My question to you is, what's your definition of accessability, as far as the web site goes?
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    I believe each country is responsible for setting its own web accessibility guidelines.

    Australia was one of the first to publish govt. accessibility guidelines because a visually impaired person sued the Sydney 2000 Olympic Committee as its website was not accessible - they won. Since then it seems "accessibility" has all gone down hill.

    The Australian govt. now only reference the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 here: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. I find it very depressing that these guidelines are dated 2008.

    The short version of WCAG is here: "Essential Components of Web Accessibility" Essential Components of Web Accessibility | Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) | W3C

    I don't know a single website that started life as being accessibility compliant that has been able to maintain the standard. That includes the Australian Tax Office, any of the major Aust. banks, any search engine and the list goes on forever.

    A major part of the problem is that the web page content publisher is largely responsible for compliance. In this day and age of content management systems and user generated content on forums, comments on blogs, etc. so much content publishing is in the hands of folk who do not know how to make their content accessibility compliant.

    The result is that SEs can't identify any unique compliance factors on which they can boost accessibility compliant web pages.

    How SEs rank web pages and accessibility are really two separate issues.

    That said, there are a bunch of HTML coding elements relevant to accessibility and to SEO.
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