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    To use Canonical Tags or Noindex Tags? That is the question.

    Preface: I do not have full edit capabilities of my websites. I am a part of a bureaucracy and have limited access.
    Question: So, for pages that I don't have access to - meaning I cannot edit the meta data, they have no content, and they are listed in the sitemap - rather than requesting that a noindex tag be placed, if I request that a canonical tag be placed instead, to point to the home page, will I be passing along whatever "link juice" those pages have to the home page, without passing along the default and detrimental meta data they have?
    In other words, these pages, as they exist, are harmful to the site's SEO. I can't access them from the backend either. But I can request the website providers place html code in the head.
    Is it better to tell Google just don;t index these pages, or should I use canonical tags, and pass along whatever link power they might have to the home page? Will that also pass along the detrimental state of their meta data, which I cannot edit?
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    A rel=canonical is almost the same as noindex. Rel=canonical means Google won't index the page, but it will still crawl it as normal. The rel=canonical will also pass authority through it just like a 301 would do.
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    If not so useful at all then use noindex otherwise use canonnical tag. The problem is mainly occur in eCommerce sites where they have lots of filters.
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    rel=canonical - Google will still index the page and crawl it but will not consider it duplicate content with the parent page (I have seen a lot of rel=canonical pages still indexed on Google)

    noindex - The page will be crawled but will not be indexed. (my log files clearly shows there are still a lot of pages which Google is crawling despite the noindex tag. I know this because it is following the links form the noindex page and also hitting those pages)

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