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    Title Attribute Control Test - Acirehp

    In a recent debate about Title Attribute & SEO a comment caught my eye...

    It's based on evidence.

    Pages that show up for other words that are on the page or in other tags that ARE indexed, don't show up for a search for the words in the link attribute tags, according to the tests I've done.
    While this control test may still be inconclusive - lack of observation - isn't evidence... the experiment itself could be the reason for no observation.

    WE KNOW - that a 'LINK' offers more benefit to the 'link to' page - thus using the title attributes "in a link element" to make "on page observations" seems tainted from the start... IMHO.

    Anyway I came up with this - and thought public observation would be the best way to get feedback... before, during, and after the control test.

    Title Attribute

    Premise: Google states that 100 variables are considered for ordered rankings - If true is Title Attribute one or merely for usability - let's find out.


    The title attribute [title=""] is known to offer usability value for humans viewing a web page. To date, limited knowledge is known to suggest that the title attribute offers value to enhance ranked results. This test series intents to provide observations beyond theory or spectulation in order to have a reference for conclusions..

    Test Series

    Six independent tests each using a set of two control pages will be conducted. One page of the set will use title attributes in all 'point-to' links towards the page, the second page will use links with no title attributes in all 'point-to' links towards the page.

    Controlled Variables

    All pages will use Acirehp as the targeted keyword [S- pherica backwards] and where applicable using 's' for plural [Acirehps]. Neither currently return any results.

    To establish a quality baseline all set pages will have Acirehp as the title element, and 6 times in the body text all positioned in the exact same character position from top left. All link anchors to the page sets will use Acirehp as the anchor.

    Page body text [and source code] will have the exact number of characters with only the general body text being unique to avoid duplicate content penalties.

    Each page set will be on different domains, different hosts, IPs, and each at different general levels of authority in order to predetermine which set will [should] rank above the others of lesser overall authority.

    Both pages of a set with have main navigational links towards them [site wide] to provide a fair quality control margin without negative bias.

    Series #1

    Link Anchors & Attributes identical text

    Series #2

    Link Anchors as singular word / Attributes as its plural [testing stemming value]

    Series #3

    Image Anchors & Attributes identical text

    Series #4

    Image Anchors as singular word / Attributes as its plural [testing stemming value] As with Series #1 where the text anchor does not have 's' the alt="" attribute does not have it either.

    Series #5

    Identical to #1 however, in order to remove the chance that 'link position' may bias the 'point-to' links with a page top prominence inducing a false observation - Series #5 reverses the link order.

    Series #6

    Identical to #3 however, in order to remove the chance that 'link position' may bias the 'point-to' links with a page top prominence or left on page prominence inducing a false observation - Series #6 reverses the link order.

    Test Duration: While fresh results will appear within 48 hours - would expect 6 months [approximately 2 PR updates] would be needed to effectively make informed observations.

    Pre-Test Conclusions:

    Series #2 and #4 are believe to be the most promising as out of ranked results of 12, noting terms Acirehp and Acirehps no results are returned by Google and 'Acirehps' will be in no other element or attribute but the title attribute. As the title attribute is a support tool 'if used in ordered rankings' it is likely weighted only as a supplementary to other variables.... meaning if used independent of visible elements to 'spam' results a nil is returned.

    However, it is the authors belief that Title Attribute weighs in on relevancy issues. When use in conjunction with other elements (other variables) positive enhanced return can be observed.

    Major consideration - Most often when a singular occurrance is tested for observation a nil is return noting 'inconclusive' not because there is no effect but because the level of effect is so small the ability to make detectable observations is difficult in real-time, real world results.

    This is no different than attempting to observe the effect of a single low quality link [PR1 - PR3 from pages that have 20+ links. There 'IS' an effect - we simply cannot easily see it.

    However, if you have 500 such links - observations are noticable - as with this control test - links to the control set pages are between 100 - 500 and in the range of PR4 - PR6.

    Experiment Specifics

    To avoid content duplication each page will contain consecutive text copy from an unpublished article 'THE EXECUTIVE MONKEY: Considerations for Burnout in the Workplace By Kelly McCullough to facilitate unique page content at a 1500 characer level per body text per page. Within the text copy Acirehp will reside; being the frist word of copy and last plus four additional times.

    One addition consideration: in all likelihood ranked results of the control set pages will appear as a listing and indent for queries Acirehp. Without title attribute have any optimization value there should be a random placement for which page becomes the listing.

    The most interest part of this control will be if the stem query of Acirehps returns any results - as it stands - if title attributes has any optimization value - 2 results should return.

    NOTE: domain name will not be link to - to avoid tainting results - they will appear soon enough

    This thread [and two others also use the keywords so should add additional results for the query without negatively affecting the return.
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