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    Subdirectory or Subdomain to distinguish languages

    Hello dear members,

    I am trying to understand the difference between subdirectories and subdomains and in general I found it but there is one thing I cannot find specifically.

    We have our website with the main domain example.com and we are starting to expand to other countries so we decided to come up with subdomains that look like this de.example.com (for Germany) it.example.com (for Italy) es.example (for Spain)

    My question is if this makes sense. Would it be better to change these with root domains example.de example.it etc.
    The product is the same, the price might be different and the only difference is the language.

    What would make a stronger website, or should we use one domain and root domain with subfolders?

    Thank you in advance for any reply
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    It should not matter. But if it were me, I would use subdirectories - this way all the link juices would still get accumulated to one master site that will consequently get a higher authority overall. Additionally, I would use rel-canonical to point these independent pages of various language pages to point to the main URL (in English). Also, make sure the HTML markups clearly mention the language used.
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    If you can believe what google says, they state categorically that sub domains or sub directories are the same in their eyes.
    In the video I watched they used a blog as an example but the same should be true for country pages.

    blog.mydomain.com v mydomain.com/blog

    they claimed there is no difference as far as SEO is concerned and that they understand each belong to the parent domain,

    Assuming the pages are marked up correctly then either route should work equally as well but I have never worked on a mixed language setup so that.will be something to watch out for.

    You could always go the route of country domains i.e. yourdomain.it for Italy yourdomain.co.uk for the UK etc but personally I think that will create you a lot of extra work and maybe harder to rank unless your going to put a ton of effort into each site and be careful about duplicate content..
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    I must admit with Sub Domain Ideas. Sub domain is the wise step to distinguish users about the domain and they will get the local language info. Place other links to your main domain footer section. Like if your business is in India, Pakistan, Spain, Germany and others and you are holding right now Indian website then must place other countries sub domain to Footer section.

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