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    Spamming Techniques to get you banned

    Spamming Techniques to get you banned
    i have seen this article on (by sam2698) net i put it here so that every one use it

    1) Invisible Text: This is esentially hiding the text by making it the same color as thebackround. No matter how small or invinsible you make it, all the new search engines are going to recognize and going to ban you.

    2) Link Farm: Link farm is a place where a network of pages and links are placed and exchanged or heavily cross-linked with each other so that the search engine ranking is improved and more inbound links are pointing to your site. Many search engines like google consider this as spam and many are known to be aggressive to site that artificially boost your site. Links even in meta tags are considered as spam. Just don't do it. Now here is an example: Say you are writing about your favourite website or band and providing information about them and have a link to their official site. Now this is not only allowed but also incouraged. But say you have a separate link page that you have agreed with some other webmaster to share links to increase SEO. Now that is spam.

    3) Keyword Stuffing:When you are trying to unnecessarily trying to have the keywords repeating again and again either at the bottom the the page (tailing) in tiny font or within meta tags or other hidden tags.

    4) Unrelated Keywords: Never use the most popular and searched keywords that are unrelated to your site's content. You might get a few visitors but when they find out the truth they are quickly going to leave your site and look at another site. Here is an example: If you have a site about Surgery and your keywords include "SEO optimization" and "Britney Spears”, that would be considered unrelated keywords. Sured to get you banned.

    5) Duplicate Sites: Sometimes you might copy an entire article or content and name the site differently. This is not only unethical but also a sure fire method of getting you banned for life from google. All the latest search engines now can do this automatically so don't even think about it. Also, Mirror pages are regarded as spam by all search engines and directories.

    6) Hidden Tags: Trying to have keywords unecessarily on HTML tags like alt tags, http-equiv tags, comment tags, style tags, hidden value tags, font tags, author tags, option tags, noframes tags (on sites not using frames). An example: do not have "SEO optimization" on the alt tag on a picture of a mailbox or home image.

    7) Link content spam: When a link exists on a page A to page B only to affect the hub component of page A or the authority component of page B, that is an example of content spam on page A. Page B is not spamming at all. Page A should receive a spam penalty. Without further evidence, page B should not receive a penalty.

    8) Link meta spam: When the anchor text or title text of a link either is not correctly describing the link target, or if the link target is describe using incoherent language, that is an example of link meta spam.

    9) Repetitive Submitting: Do not submit your site again and again to a search engine. Every search engine has a limit and you can usually submit the same page only once a month and don't submit too many pages each day either. Also, NEVER submit doorways to directories.

    10) Redirects: Do not submit the URL redirects. such as welcome.to, i.am, go.to, and others redirection domains. The site should be on the same domain name as the entered or submitted page. An exception may is made for sites that have a remotely hosted chat or message board as long as most of the site is hosted on its own domain. Actually the reason for redirecting the page was not developed for spam but most webmasters are misusing it and it has and has become popular technique for spamming. Even though you may use many techniques you will be caught. Examples of redirection methods are META REFRESH tags and JavaScript redirects, HTTP 300 series redirect response codes, HTTP 400 series error vectors. As told earlier these are used to move visitor from one page to another in a single second. In such cases the entry page was made for spam and everything on it will be considred as spam. Unless you are correctly desciribing the content to the content of your site.

    11) Alt Text Spamming: You may place the most tiniest font size available, people wouldn't and can't see them, but spiders will. Alt text spamming is stuffing the alt text tags (for images) with unrelated keywords or phrases. For example: Do not write "SEO optimization" on the text of a mail box or on an image of a house.

    12) Doorway Pages: Although doorways are pages optimized for search engine spiders in order to attract more spiders, thus more users. Usually optimized for just one word or phrase and only meant for spiders, not users.

    13) Content Spam: It is possible when different URLs delivers same content i.e. content duplication and same URL can deliver different content as well. Both HTML and HTTP supports it and hence spamming is possible. For example, IMG support and ALT text within HTML means that image-enabled visitors to a URL will see different content to those visitors that, for various reasons, cannot view images. Whether the ability to deliver spam results in the delivery of spam is largely a matter of knowledge and ethics.

    14) Agent based Spam: Agent based delivery is certainly not spam. But it is spam when the use of agent based delivery to identify search engine robots by user agent and deliver unique content to those robots. Since the content is only created for search engines and it is not visible for users, it is always spam

    15) IP Spam: If youare displaying different information and unique content to search engine bots by identifiying them by some software, usually done by knowing it's IP. As in agent based spam, though this technique is also spam when you deliver unique content only to search engines and not the users or visitors.

    16) No Content: If your site does not have any thing or any content and just ads illegal content, duplicate content and sites consisting of large affiliate links and low value to search engine relevancy are also considered spam.
    17) Meta Spam: Meta spam is when your code is mis-describes your content or describes a resource incoherently in order to manipulate a search engine's relevancy calculations. Usually anything in the HTML that describes another resource, can be classified as meta spam.

    18) bait & switch: Now say that you have a page with high ranking and number of visitors and you suddenly switch the information you have to something else that makes you a lot more profit. If you are doing this method your website wouldn't be on the search engine anymore as there are filters that can detect this behaviour.

    Now how can you avoid spamming, you need to check out and do a few things. The first and foremost is, Do not make any mistake on the list. You should try to find out how valuable is your information to your visitors or customers not. Any trick or scheme to get more visitors is not going to help you in the long run. Try to analyze who your visitors will be and design and have the information presented for them. Always keep in mind to keep updated as the visitors are expected the latest news and information presented to them. So first build your site not for the search engines. Avoid automated pages. Google and many other search engines do not index auto generated pages. Inktomi does accept information pages into their free index and into their paid inclusion programs. For example, if a site contains PDF documents, and you create an information page in HTML with an abstract of each PDF document, that HTML page is acceptable to Inktomi. And a reminder the biggest a webmaster can make: DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN LINK FARM PROGRAMS, no matter what they say.
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    this could be very helpful thanks.. interesting.... especially for those who are not that aware..
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    these guidelines are of very good content. it will be very helpful not only to me but for all people here at seo chat

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