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    Spam Score Became 6

    Hello all,
    My site spam score became 6. Is it harmful to the site or not?
    If it is harmful then what should I do to decrease it?

    Thanks in advance
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    Hi Kanka,

    Which tool did you use to measure your spam score with was it MOZ?

    Basically 6 is the borderline score! This means your website is sat on the fence where you are clear for now but it could fall through at any moment in time (say a new update rolls out or algorithm changes ect). Ideally you want to get this down to around 3 where you are then in the "safe zone" and everything looks good.

    A few ways you can look at bringing this down will be to increase both page and domain authority of your website, this means building more authoritative back links to your website and I would recommend trying DA 55+ domains in your relevant niche also!!! So if your company is a web design agency then build links from relevant forums or networks for this niche.

    Regarding links this is split into sub categories, you may find that you will also be determined on the follow to no-follow ratio, so let's say 90% of your backlinks are follow and 10% are no-follow then this will look slightly suspicious to Google and will of course affect your spam score.. 70% follow 30% no-follow would look a lot more natural.

    Then you have the situation where you may have 30 domains in your webmaster tools but 200,000 links coming in from all these, this will also affect your spam score as this simply is not natural and you may even be put into the category of buying links which is "unnatural", a few hundred links from a trusted/authoritive domain will not do any harm or maybe even a few thousand but if your links to domain ratio is ridiculous then the search engine will certainly know something isn't right.

    Then you have branded links, if you have very few exact match brand name links to the website then you will be pulled down also as it is seen as a signal that your links are not organic, at the end of the day it's building a brand and a business so brand name links should be your biggest anchor text in my opinion, it's as simple as that. If this is low down in the pecking order then I would highly suggest raising the mentions but of course don't over do it, maybe try bring up to 10-15%.

    You may also want to check your anchor text metrics as this is something which contributes to your spam score, I would say ideally you want it to be around the 5% mark which is considered a safe zone but again it all comes down to your niche and how aggressive you can be... I use ahrefs to measure this.

    Look at improving the websites onsite optimisation, think is the purpose of this website to help and inform a user or have you done it merely to gain a few more positions in the search engine? Check out this link and have a read through to see if you can improve the onsite from site structure to usability... On-Page SEO: Anatomy of a Perfectly Optimized Page (2017 Update)

    Onsite is also separated into sub categories so I will begin with thin content, if your website has thin content lots of things to click on but no actual content explaining your services/product and what you are about then you are going to get flagged as spam and this is what the panda update pulls you down for on the Google search engine, they want the best content and useful sites to be delivered first to their search engine users, try upping your content on all pages of your website, if you have pages with no content fill it but don't just put words on there for the sake of it, make sure it is meaningful and useful.

    Next you have the size of the website, if you have a low number of pages on your website then you may get thrown into the box of being spam for the fact that in general the websites which tend to be spam have one of very few pages and it does make sense because if this is your business and you are working on it every week then the website should be improving with new pages, new products, new reviews, new functionality and so on, if your website is just sat there looking the same every time it is being crawled not only will your crawl priority go down you will also look like a "dead" website.

    No contact information/social influence, basically if you have no real way of being contacted or it is hidden and you don't engage with social media or have ways the user can share you then again you will be pulled up for this on the spam score as real sites will display there information in a prominent position for all their consumers to see. If you engage with people on social media and people share you ect this shows you have a good business and website model.

    Lots of external links, do you have a lot of links going outbound from your website? Again you may be hit for this and have an increase in spam score, if you are linking out to some many different websites constantly then you may get in the category of an affiliate/selling links so this may be something to consider, obviously a newspaper company such as the sun would have a high amount of external links but then with each link that goes out their is a 1,000 word article or more which then makes this look natural.

    These are a good few points I would recommend you take a look at but if you would like some more details then check out the video below of Matt Cutts talking about spam scores:


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    spam score should be less than 3 or 4 because it will hurt your ranking if your web link score is more than 5 or 6
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    Originally Posted by powerashav
    spam score should be less than 3 or 4 because it will hurt your ranking if your web link score is more than 5 or 6
    Wrong, your spam score isn't directly linked to your ranking at all.

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