A friend asked me to help her with SEO for her site (consider the job done dot com as this forum will not let me type in URL addresses), which someone else built for her. So far, I have done the following:

-Redesigned entire site to make it workable, editable and SE-friendly (didn't take long; changed from tables to div tags - design was extremely difficult to work with)
-Added tabs: "Testimonials" (waiting for content from owner) and "Materials"
-Added Google Analytics
-Added description and title to all pages and changed keywords to more relevant ones
-Submitted to Google local and Yahoo local (although I read this wasn't that helpful)
-Added sitemap and submitted to Google and Yahoo
-Created a "flyer" and posted on craigslist.com.

The site is now ranking pretty well in Google and Yahoo for "second home management" (#9 Google; # 3 Yahoo ) and "second home management in Asheville, NC" (#1 Google; #4 Yahoo). I think this is progress as I don't think it was showing at all before. I am wondering what else I can do. And, wondering what I can do to get higher on the list for "second home management" (or better keywords???). The site's local competitor (a wellcome home dot com - not a typo; there are two "ls" - forum won't let me post) seems to come up #1 or close for almost every keyword I type in.

I am still waiting to hear if they want PPCs but don't think they want to spend the money. I've suggested articles (and waiting on testimonials) and looking for more sites to link with. Not sure what else to do. You're suggestions and expertise are most welcome since this is my first real SEO project!

Thanks much!