Hi guys and girls,

Newbie to the forum here!

A client I'm working with plans to move a whole host of their websites onto a new CMS platform which I'm lead to believe will mean a redesign as well. Obviously I have stressed the importance of a proper SEO migration strategy to ensure their rankings don't suffer but I was alarmed to discover they had planned to do absolutely nothing and 'take the short term hit'. I have stressed the importance of implementing redirects and given them a whole host of other recommendations but due to the size of the company involved they insist on everything being extensively proven as necessary before they are willing to take action.

So, long story short, I'm looking for any examples or case studies to give them where large sites with high volumes of traffic have gone through a migration and not bothered with any redirects or any other SEO considerations. I need to show them real examples of the catastrophic effect it would have on their search engine performance to convince them that they need to take action asap.

Any examples would be greatly welcomed!