I have a website: mywebsite.com and I embedded a wordpress blog in it: mywebsite.com/blog. Now, my website promotes my web design business: packages, hosting and other products, but my blog gives hints and tips on running a web based business. The keywords for the index page of my website are to do with web design, and it has a pagerank of 3 in Google, I guess because I've been linking there all the time. Whereas the keywords for my blog page are to do with online business, and it doesn't rank yet.
My question is, when I blog about business, or leave links on other business sites, should I link to mywebsite.com or to mywebsite.com/blog? And when I blog about web design etc, again, which link should I put?
The main reason for having my website is that I want people to buy my web design products, but those people who might do that would be more interested in business. The reason I have a business blog is to attract business people. So I'm confused at to which part of my site I should direct them to. Can anyone help?